21 People Reveal The Genius Ways They’ve Managed To Cheat The System

16. From user bioexplosion

A teacher I had in high school always said to his students “if you can get away with cheating go for it”. Turns out he had gotten a raise for getting his masters degree, but never actually got the degree. This went on for over 10 years before the school system figured it out. Somehow he got hired at a new school too.

17. From user afcjl12

At my university I would always order delivery from a late night eatery and get a ride home with the delivery guy. Less expensive than a taxi, with a meal included.

18. From user duckmania

Papa Johns offers an unadvertised (maybe unofficial) deal where pizzas that were ordered but never picked up are sold for $5 just before closing. Size and toppings doesn’t affect the $5 price, so, my friends and I used to order family sized meat lovers pizzas and opt to ‘pay-at-pickup’ but never show up. We would wait till closing, pop our heads in and ask if there were any leftover pizzas on the rack for sale, thus, getting our huge pizzas for $5.

19. From user dingle_hopper1981

I’m from Northern Ireland, and when ordering stuff online I’d always write ‘Belfast, Ireland’ on it instead of NI – the post’ll still get there, as yes, technically Belfast’s in Ireland :P. The post would be directed via the Dublin sorting office instead of coming into the UK routes. Nine times out of ten, the Dublin sorting office would just send it on up to Belfast, instead of forwarding it to Royal Mail in London who would then slap a huge import bill on it (whereas the southern Irish postal service can’t charge me import, as I’m a UK citizen). The Republic of Ireland couldn’t give a fuck if the Queen’s out of pocket over a few quid 😛

My granddad was a royal mail postman for years, he taught me that one 😛

[EDIT] for anyone who’s confused- if you live in Northern Ireland (which is part of the UK), you have to pay UK import tax on stuff you buy from outside the EU. If you write ‘Ireland’ as your address instead of NI, the parcel will be sent to the republic of Ireland (different country, same island) who usually forward straight to you instead of sending it back to the UK so you can charged. It’s a sneaky way of avoiding import tax.

20. From an anonymous user

Back in highschool I discovered that if you call any “Questions/Comments” number on a food product, you could make up literally anything and get a coupon for a free whatever it was. So for instance we’d call Bisquick pancake mix and say we bought a jar of mix but inside we found three already-made pancakes… shit like that, just nonsensical stuff. We did it so much that we’d pile up the coupons, go to the grocery store and check out a full cart of groceries and just hand the cashier a stack of these coupons and not pay a cent for hundreds of dollars worth of groceries. We did that multiple times, and eventually the big companies (Kraft, General Mills, etc) catch on and you have to use different names and addresses. I’ll never forget the exasperation of the poor person on the other end of the line when I told them the chicken patties I bought just get more frozen every time I put them in the microwave. “The kids are outside playing hockey with the fuckin’ thing right now, this is bullshit!”