6 Reasons You Should Always Live With Your Significant Other Before You Get Married

4. It’s a true test of your relationship.

When you get into a fight, you can’t just leave and drive home and get your space. When you’re living together, it’s hard to just ignore any problems or issues because you’re literally together all of the time. This means that you really get a true test of your relationship to see if you two can figure out the healthiest and best way to be together and live together. It’s always important to address all problems before getting married to someone and saying “I do,” and living together is the best way to address everything and see everything for the “bigger picture.”

5. You’ll both need to decide if your financial habits work for each other.

When you’re dating someone, finances aren’t really the main discussion in your relationship. But, if you’re choosing to marry someone, financial habits are super important as what’s yours will soon become ours. If you’re uncomfortable with your partner’s spending habits when you live together, marriage is not going to be a day at the beach. They should always pay their half of everything when you live together, the rent, groceries, furniture, bills. If they don’t, it’s simply going to be an even bigger issue when you’re married. It’s something that will follow you through the rest of your life and should be addressed way before an engagement ring.

6. It’s an inside look at marriage with this person.

When you live together, it’s kind of like being married without the ring and a certificate. You’re sharing bills, you’re sharing responsibilities, and you’re sharing a life. Long gone are the days of pure independence, this is a decision that means you’re both serious about a life together. And, when you do marry someone, you want life to be fun – filled with laughter and goofing around, smiles and romance. Living together is a perfect “sneak peek” to being married to this person for the long haul. If you’re unhappy living together, you’ll be unhappy marrying them.