People Share The Grossest Thing They’ve Ever Found In Their Food And We’re Gagging

Just a small fly, please.

“Okay it wasn’t my food but my sister’s. So one day after a shopping trip we decided to pass by a mall to grab a bite to eat. As soon ad we take a seat by the food court a few workers flock to us with menus. I settle for a burger while she decides to get some sweet and sour chicken noodles. Moments later as we are tucking into our food, I notice a weird looking black thing in her food that neither looked like a vegetable or piece of meat, I nudge my sister and ask her to pull out that thing, turned out to be a fly. Disgusted she took the food back and she was given another plate free of charge. However, it was safe to say we didn’t go back to that place ever again.”

Trust me, you don’t want the salad.

“I wasn’t eating, I was working at Sbarro years ago. I remember watching a cockroach crawl out of a tub of salad while I was getting it onto a plate for an order. They didn’t notice, and I was just like “you don’t want the salad!” because I was young and dumb and wasn’t going to say what I saw. (I think maybe I didn’t want to drive customers away?) She complained. So I gave her the salad. I didn’t last long at Sbarro’s. I’ll certainly never eat there again.”

A little trip to the ER after dessert.

“The worst thing I’ve had was not at fast food. It was a 5 star restaurant that had a piece of glass in the ice cream, cutting my friend’s mouth badly.”