People Share The Grossest Thing They’ve Ever Found In Their Food And We’re Gagging

If your hair is more than two feet long please get it cut thanks!

“As a teenager I worked at Wendy’s which didn’t open until 10:30 am. We started work at 6 am though to prep salads, potatoes, etc. There was a McDonalds across the street and we’d often order a dozen McGriddles with cheese for us all to eat. Funny right? At any rate, one morning we got our usual batch of McGriddles. I opened mine and noticed a piece of hair sticking out of it. I pulled at it and I kid you not, this dark, black hair must have been two feet long!! It was incredibly gross. I refused to eat it … so my manager took it and ate it. Not sure what he was trying to prove, but yuck!”

When the beach is inside the bag of fries.

“Once I was eating a burger from McDonalds, I forget which, and it was alright. Their burgers are never really good. Then there was a bunch of sand at the bottom of my fries. I didn’t notice until I heard the strange sound on my teeth and I thought, what the heck. Sand.”

Plastic is not edible FYI.

“I work at Tropical Smoothie and my manager told a story about why we aren’t allowed to wear plastic name tags. It essentially boils down to one idiot was making a smoothie and his name tag fell in and got blended up, and served to a customer. Thankfully someone noticed before the customer drank it. But, yeah sigh.”