People Share The Grossest Thing They’ve Ever Found In Their Food And We’re Gagging

Another reason why you don’t order the damn salad.

“This wasn’t my personal experience, rather my Nana’s. So me and my nana decided to go on a little “date”. We don’t see each other that much anymore, so seeing each other is a nice time. So we decided to go to McDonald’s.I got a McChicken, along with some fries. She got a salad. We were both enjoying our meals when she asked me something.“What does this look like to you?” She turned her salad bowl towards me where I saw something looking back at me. It was a large fly, maybe a moth. In the salad. Now she doesn’t like gross things that well, so she was disgusted. She walked to the order/pickup area and showed them the bug and complained. It was gross. I overheard the manager tell her that it could’ve gone in there during packing for the lettuce.”

This actually brings real tears to my eyes.

“Once I found a cigarette butt at the bottom of my large cup of chili at Wendy’s. I ate all the way down, not noticing a thing and at the very bottom of the cup was this nasty cigarette butt. The cigarette butt was real soggy so you could tell it had been soaking in the chili for a long time. I was so upset, I took the cup right up to the manager and showed him what was at the bottom and he just took the cup from me and tossed it in the waste bin behind the counter. Didn’t say a word, didn’t offer a refund. Nothing. I didn’t get ill, but I have never eaten Wendy’s chili since. Plus I was told the meat in the chili is just old hamburger meat that hasn’t been sold anyway. Gross.”

Eyelashes extensions, you can’t trust them.

“A eye lash. I was eating a big mac when suddenly I looked at the burger and I saw a eye lash IN THE MEAT, not on top or in the sauce literally inside the patty.I received a free Big Mac after I complained and of course I did not eat the replacement either,I gave it to a homeless guy sitting outside Mcdonalds.”

Not a normal roach, but a fried one…like a fried pickle.

“The first time I ever had a sandwich from Togo’s Sandwich shop at the original location on E Williams Street in San Jose, it had a fried cockroach in it. I tossed it on the ground and enjoyed my first of many Togo’s sandwiches”