People Share The Weirdest Ways Their Food Orders Got Messed Up

The purpose of fast food is for it to be quick and on point. When you order a number 6 you are expecting 20 chicken nuggets, a drink, and fries in less than five minutes. You are not expecting it to take ten minutes and receive a number 7 instead, or, even half of a number 7. These mistakes are even more awful when you haven’t eaten all day and all that you are craving is a greasy, salty meal. Quora users share how the impossible happened and their fast food orders got messed up in the weirdest ways.

When it has just been a really long day and you’ll eat whatever:

“3/13/14 Never forget.
That day, I hadn’t eaten breakfast and the school lunch was the usual, disgusting box pizza.

So after school, I was incredibly hungry. I mean, reeeeeeeealy hungry. I wanted to eat my desk. It’s a good source of fiber anyways.

The closest fast food place was Wendy’s, just around 1/2 mile away. It was a walk of death. It total, it took ~20 minutes to get there. Gasping for food. Dragging my tired bum to the counter, I whispered my order, one cheeseburger, one medium fries, one Dr.Pepper , and one vanilla frosty. The lady at the counter was puzzled at my order, she seemed to not understand my order.

Me: “I would like a cheeseburger, one medium fries, one Dr. Pepper, and vanilla frosty”

Lady at counter: “Some doctaru peppér an som vañillà.”

Me: “Uh”

Lady at counter: “Ooh k. Dat interestin. Ok, huney, just wait there”

Me: “Thanks”

Waiting for five minutes, they called me up to get my order. I got my order and I sat down. “Huh, where is my dr.pepper, well I’ll just ask for it later” I thought. “Wait, I didn’t order a chocolate slushy. I don’t want to make a scene, forget it, I’m hungry.” Once done with my heart-clogging, salty food, I took a nice big slurp of the vanilla frosty.



The taste, the vanilla/pepper mixture, the consistency…”

Chicken sandwich, hold the chicken please:

“I don’t have a good example of how my own order got messed up, but I used to work at a fast food restaurant and accidentally sent out two chicken sandwiches without actually putting the chicken breast on them. Mind you there were like three ingredients to the sandwich — chicken breast, lettuce, and mayo on bread. I somehow forgot the chicken and wrapped two lettuce and mayo sandwiches and handed them out to customers (should’ve realized the weight was wrong, but no one did). They came back about 30 minutes later not particularly happy about that.”

A lovely pizza (without the cheese) just for me!

“Papa Johns Pizza. Shortly after moving from Detroit to the Dayton Ohio area, My wife and I decided to try theirs. They had no established franchises at that time that I knew of in Michigan. We entered the building and ordered a large pizza with 3 toppings. Paid for it and waited as they prepared the order. About 20 minutes later it was still not ready. A couple of customers that had ordered after us had gotten their food and already departed. I walk up to the counter and query the clerk regarding my order. He replied that it would be about another 10 minutes until it was ready because the cook had forgotten to put any cheese on the first one and it was baked sans cheese. Really? Um, like REALLY? Yup. Got a free liter of pop (soda) for their goof up. I guess good help is truly hard to find in this neck of the woods.”