This Guy Just Came Up With The Most Brilliant Way To Use Seat Heaters In His Car And Twitter Is Blown Away

If you’re fortunate enough to have enough cash flow to buy (or lease) a new car, you’ll know that having seat warmers, or seat heaters, or “let me try and burn my ass the entire ride home” is a pretty big luxury. Living in New York City where it’s freezing 99.9% of the time, I wish I could afford such a wonderful add-on in my own Honda Civic. However, I am broke and cannot pay to warm my behind. However, if I did have seat warmers in my car, I for sure would thank this man on Twitter who shared the most genius way to use his heaters when he isn’t actually warming his own behind.

Low and behold, the man turned his seat warmer all the way up to keep his drive through warm, hot, and crispy until he reached his destination. That’s pure genius if you ask me. There is nothing worse than hitting up a drive-through, looking forward to getting some delicious, salty fries and then getting home and realizing they are ice-cold. No, that’s not a good look boo. Instead, why not use the seat warmers and get your food hot, hot, hot.

Obviously, I wasn’t the only person who was impressed with this brilliant idea. Twitter was not only into it but super thankful for the idea and for sharing it with the rest of the world. They also have tried it out for themselves.