This Girl Who Came Up With Genius Way To Sneak In Movie Theater Snacks Is Living In 3017 While We’re Stuck In 2017

Everyone knows that going to the movie theater is pretty damn expensive. Tickets alone have gone up so much that “dinner and a movie” has turned into just “a movie,” seeing as no one can afford both. But, we don’t want to sit through a 3-hour film starving – and, the concession stand at the movie theater is just as bad as the tickets. And, while we always try to come up with new, innovative ways to sneak in our favorite snacks, we always get caught when the usher checks our bags. But, one Twitter user has come up with a brilliant way for ladies to sneak their candy into the theater without getting caught: faking a pregnancy.

Twitter user Angela Brisk shared a photo of what appears to be a styrofoam bowl at a crafts store and, just how easily it fits under a sweatshirt (looking pretty natural if you ask me). Think of all of the Twizzlers, Reese’s Pieces and chips you can fit inside that bad boy! The possibilities are obviously, endless.

Twitter users were obviously impressed and excited about this genius idea.

This girl is living in 3017 while we’re all stuck in 2017, obviously.