Doritos Is Dropping A Brand New Clothing Line And You’re Going To Want It All

Everyone loves Doritos. My personal favorite happens to be Spicy Nacho Doritos and it’s an extra plus if you find me a tub of cream-cheese to dip them in (not sorry, ever). For years, the company has vamped up their chip brand by introducing new and exciting flavors onto the market–like Sweet Thai Chili–and giving fans new delicious obsessions. Now, Doritos is bringing a new mix into the game and using your favorite condiment to do so. Doritos is teaming up with Ketchup to bring you Ketchup flavored Doritos.

According to their website, they’re being introduced by Doritos Canada–and, to bring some even more fire to the market, they’re also dropping a line of merch to match up with the spicy new flavor.