KFC Just Launched A Line Of Holiday Merch Perfect For Any Chicken Lover

There’s no denying that when it comes to chicken, KFC has got it in the bag. Whatever the f*ck they spice their chicken with is A-Okay with me, because that deliciously fried drumstick is something I dream about on a weekly basis. Let’s not even mention the biscuits or the potato wedges. Love them or hate them, KFC knows that they’re doing (and, they deliver to my apartment which is damn near dangerous). If you’re not a vegan and love you some KFC just like me, you’ll be super pleased to hear they just launched a line or merch just in time for the holidays that’ll make you say “that’s finger lickin’ good!”

1. This holiday Colonel shirt:

2. This festive wrapping paper:

3. This escape pod aka a giant tent:

4. This chicken pillow:

5. These KFC pins: