21 People Who Aren’t Afraid To Take Fashion Risks, Even Though They Should Be

Hey, taking fashion risks is great.  But maybe it’s not for everyone?

Just saying.

21. Probably spent a lot of bread on those.

© pikabu

These shoes are pretty….fly.

20. They really do have great meatballs.

© Tilda0210/imgur

IKEA is awful but no one can resist a good thirst trap.

19. Shiorts? Shoirts? Swirts?

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When you defeat all of the other dads you fight the boss dad wearing this.

18. “Can I get a name?” “It’s Britney, b*tch.”

© KumJackson/imgur

Someone’s been reading my dream journal.

17. The Duchess Von Hammerhead.


I loved her in Hunger Games.

16. Ye-hahahahahaha.

© Poor_cReddit/reddit

When you have to be at the ranch at 5, but on the slopes by 6.

15. Mr. Tumnus rides the bus.

© BillShatner/imgur

Probs listening to some sweet pan flute.

14. Caution: “Fashion” Ahead.

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Maybe she works for the city?


© playtimecares/instagram

I let my niece dress me once and this is about how it ended up.

12. If these aren’t illegal they should be.

© etsy

I’ll see your jorts and raise you these jlip-jlops.