KFC Is Now Selling Fried Chicken Pizza, So There Goes My New Year’s Weight Loss

If there’s anything that makes me go wild in this world, it’s fried food and pizza (so, I’m a trash person, don’t judge me). Everyone knows there’s nothing better than KFC’s fried chicken to warm your soul when you’re feeling down. The crunchy, flakey, spicy chicken is like a party in your mouth. But, what happens when KFC combines their fried chicken with everyone’s other favorite food? Well, you got yourself a fried chicken crust pizza. Yes, you read that right: fried chicken crust pizza.

KFC is now introducing what they’re calling the “Chizza,” which is basically a pizza on top of a giant piece of fried chicken. The Chizza includes a fried chicken crust, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, ham, pineapples and KFC “special cheese sauce.” KFC was kind enough to even give us a play-by-play of how it’s made.

Obviously, Twitter users went nuts over this creation.