Delivery Drivers Confess What Happened When They Ate The Food On The Way To The Customer

Have you ever wondered if your food has been tampered with by the driver before? How does the pizza guy not lose control and take a bite of your pizza? If I were driving a delivery with a large pepperoni pizza, I’d be tempted to take a slice. Or, maybe eat the garlic knots. We have to cut the guy a little slack, he has to drive all that way with the smell of the pizza just there haunting him. That takes serious skills. But, what happens when your delivery driver loses control and eats the pizza?

So there is the really great delivery guy who deserves a generous tip:

“I worked in pizza shops on and off when I was in college and at one time or another, I did every job there, including delivery. I would never have eaten a pizza I was delivering; I was too focused on getting the pizzas to the customers as quickly as possible so that I could get a good tip.”

And the not so great delivery guy:

“Oh dear, I should probably go anonymous on this, but what the hell. It was a decade ago, and I figure no one will remember this, nor would anyone who remembers me, will read this. As a delivery driver for Dominos, a Chinese takeaway, an Indian and a traditional fish and chip shop (I live in Scotland) I would say I’m pretty qualified to answer this question (and potentially put you off fast food for life!). So did I eat the food? Ummm yes I did …All the time. The Indian? I ate a couple of bits of the pakora or perhaps a poppadom, depending how I felt. Dominos? Loved eating the toppings, mushrooms, beef… You name it, I ate it. The Chinese? Some spicy wings or a spare rib or two never went amiss. The chip shop? Some chips I guess if I felt hungry.”

There’s no reason too if you have a cool boss that gives you free food:

“As a pizza delivery guy, have you ever lost control and ate your delivery? There was never a need to do so. The shops that I had worked for several years ago would allow for some free pizza consumption. I believe the amount was one personal pizza per shift for free. This equals about 2 or 3 slices of pizza.”

But it does occur more often than you would think:

“As a seasoned manager of Papa John’s I have had the pleasure of dealing with the during and aftermath of said incidents in which a delivery driver ate a part of their delivery. Which by the way- I never thought in a million years would happen not only once, but twice.”

Never trust an Uber Eats driver.

“A friend of mine worked with Uber eats delivering food from restaurants to people’s houses. He was new to the job so he would sometimes have trouble maneuvering through the app. He usually did good but every now and then something new would come up and cause him a bit of a problem.

The biggest issue was when he was on his way to deliver the food to the customers and he would get a phonecall, he would hang up the call but it would always mess up the app and make it hard for him to work out where the food was supposed to go. Well everytime this happened my friend would get frustrated. So he would say F@¢£ it and just take the food home to his family where he would be greeted with laughter and joy at the sight of the food.”