Delivery Drivers Confess What Happened When They Ate The Food On The Way To The Customer

Some snacks for the road:

“I use to delivery pizza as a part-time job in high school. No, I’ve never lost control and ate my delivery. I got discounts on pizza when ordering myself though.However, I loved hot banana peppers, I’d grab a bunch of hot banana peppers and put them in a ziplock bag. On my way to deliveries, I’d eat it. Sounds kinda gross, but hey, that was my thing back then.The boss never found out because he was hardly there.”

Reasons not to be a jerk:

“One time I delivered to a friend and, as a joke, I ate a slice on the way. Looking back, I don’t think it was as funny as I thought it was going to be, and I’d never do it again. Luckily he didn’t call and complain to the store manager. He tipped me $5 on top of it which makes me feel especially bad.”

Eventually, you will get sick of pizza:

“I delivered for Domino’s for a while and no, I never did that. There really is no point. You can buy discount food anyway, and we would usually order a 7 inch garlic bread if we were hungry on shift.Anyway, after working there every night for a few months, pizza is the LAST thing you want to eat, trust me”

Returns are a fair game:

“No, but I did eat returned food after I went back to someone who had been delivered the wrong thing. It is not recommended as you have no idea what happened for 30 minutes while it was in their house. We couldn’t resell it so the owner didn’t mind. It was a a wing delivery place.”

Play it safe:

“No. That would be really stupid. What on earth would you say to the customer? “I’m sorry that I ate half of your order; that’ll be $10 please.” As a delivery guy, I know that I can go to a shop or a drive thru and get some food without jeopardizing my job. Eating a customer’s order is 100% out of the question.”