The Internet Is Obsessed With This Stripper Who Dropped It Low Just To Eat A Slice Of Pizza

If there’s one thing that Parks and Rec taught me, it’s simple: Time is money, money is power,  power is pizza, and pizza is knowledge. We all know that while money is the motive, we can buy as many pizzas we want with all the dolla’ dolla’ bills we make.
One stripper knows this all too well when she stopped mid-dance to enjoy a beautiful slice of pizza–while still working the pole. Girl, this takes skills and we applaud you to no end.

The stripper, who was identified as Lily Moon, was captured on camera performing at Jumbos Clown Room in Hollywood, California. Moon slow dances around the pole and drops it hella low just so she can sit back and enjoy her slice.

The girl is really out here living her best life. Twitter, of course, couldn’t get enough.