25 Lies All Girls Tell Themselves Before They Go Out Partying

We all know what kind of preparation goes into a night of partying for a girl. We have to plan our days accordingly. We must get good sleep the night before, we have to shave everything, shower, do our hair, plan an outfit, do our makeup, make sure our nails are done, rally our friends, pregame, and then – make unrealistic promises to ourselves.

1. I’m only gonna have a single drink all night.

2. I swear I’m not going to wait in line for longer than 15 minutes tonight.

3. I will not scream at the bouncer for not letting my friend in with her horrible fake ID.

4. I’m only going out to dance, that’s it. No boys. Just dance.

5. No seriously, I just wanna dance to some good music.

6. I’m not going to twerk to Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda.

4. I’m not going home with any guys.

5. I’m not going to drunk dial my ex-boyfriend at all tonight. I swear.

6. I can totally walk in these heels even if I’m drunk. I won’t fall.

7. I’m not gonna take off my shoes at any point during the night when I decide these heels were a bad idea.

8. I am not going to mooch of someone else’s table. Or bottle.

9. No shots.

10. I’m actually gonna tip the bathroom lady tonight after she gives me my 5th towel.

11. I’m not gonna lose anything tonight. Especially my wallet.

12. I will close out my tab at the bar.

13. I’m not gonna post a hundred drunk and blurry snapchats and embarrass myself.

14. I’m not going to take snapchats of myself drinking fruity drinks.

15. I’m not gonna vomit in the next 24 hours, at all. Not gonna happen.

16. I’m not gonna get super generous drunk and buy everyone in the club shots.

17. I’m not gonna make out with some guy on the dance floor whose face I can’t even see properly.

18. I’m not gonna abandon my friends and run off with some random guy that I’ll hate tomorrow.

19. I’m not gonna ruin my diet by wolfing down a drunken pizza tonight. Or McDonald’s

20. I’m not gonna trip and fall the whole way down the stairs at the club.

21. I’m not gonna be lame and will actually make it out past midnight tonight.

22. I’m not going to stay out until sunrise though.

23. I am not going to pass out in the cab on the way home.

24. I am not going to send any drunk nudes to anyone tonight.

25. I am not going to sleep in someone else’s bed.