Customer Requests For Dominos To Send Over ‘Their Baddest B*tch’ & They Perfectly Deliver

Whenever you order food for delivery online, there’s always a section where you can enter special instructions for the restaurant. While the majority of people use the section to write things like “call when here,” or “ring top bell,” there are those special individuals who use the special instructions section to request some – special things.

One customer requested while ordering Dominos Pizza, that they send over their “baddest b*tch” to deliver their food. And, they delivered to no end.

While you’re thinking maybe you’re going to get a girl in a bikini holding a Dominos Pizza box – sorry, it ain’t going to happen.

But, this bad b*tch looks like a bag of 100’s, for sure.

I’d say – they definitely did. Twitter, of course, got in on the fun.

And, the delivery driver, Jimmy, also got in on the Twitter praise.