Someone Asked Twitter To ‘Name A Badder B*tch Than Taylor Swift’ And The Responses Are Pure Gold

When people are serious fans of a celebrity, they can hardly see anyone else as being “as perfect” or “as incredible” as said celebrity. I’m talking those super, super fans that wait in line for days to see these people, camp outside in the rain and snow for a meet and greet or concerts – you know the type. These are who I refer to as “the worst humans ever” because they can hardly ever see the bigger picture in life. For example, one Twitter user who believes Taylor Swift is “the baddest b*tch” in the world when in reality, I can name about 100 badder b*tches throughout history. And, apparently, so can Twitter.

The original tweet came from Twitter user, @xnulz, who featured a photo of Taylor Swift from her music video for her single “Look What You Made Me Do.” But, I’m almost positive she didn’t expect to receive this kind of response from Twitter.

People began replying to @xnulz with some bad b*tches from history, the world, and their own lives. And, I can whole-heartedly say, they are all “badder” than Swift will ever be.