Taylor Swift Fans Are Trolling The Sh*t Out Of Kim Kardashian And It’s Petty As Hell

Let me start off by saying: In my honest, humble opinion – Taylor Swift fans are the absolute f*cking worst. I get it, you love your girl T-Swizzy and yes, she is talented, but, this girl runs from drama faster than an Olympic Metal Cross Country star. It’s pretty sad, really. Taylor Swift loves to stir the pot with other celebrities and the minute sh*t hits the fan, she goes into hiding or runs from her problems. Not cool, Tay Tay, not cool. But, her fans will have her back and do her dirty work for her, attacking other celebs and people online. Even worse guys. Not a good look. Recently, Kim Kardashian is the latest victim of Taylor’s Tribe, as they’re trolling her pretty badly on social media.

To backtrack just a bit:

Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift have had some pretty bad beef over the last year or so. I mean, we all know Kim Kardashian is married to Kanye West and the beef between Kanye and Taylor goes way, way back to that VMA interruption (let a dead horse lay dead, y’all). Kim, Kanye, and Taylor seemed to have “made up” in the spotlight, that was until Kanye West dropped The Life of Pablo with the song “Famous” on it.

We all know Kanye basically calls Taylor out in the song saying, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that b*tch famous.” Taylor, of course, was angry when she heard this and completely freaked out. Kanye claims she approved the lyrics, Taylor denies the whole thing (shocker). She then references it during her Grammy’s speech and Kim was like – you’re not going to bury my husband like that. Instead, she leaked Snapchat videos of Kanye West and Taylor Swift on the phone, where Kanye tells Taylor the idea, the song lyrics, and the message – and Taylor Swift approves. There you have it, in live-video, Taylor was lying.

Then, Kanye dropped this music video for “Famous,” which, featured Taylor Swift (and 11 other celebrities) naked.

Clearly, Tay Tay was angry. She’s supposed to be the “good girl” of America – the “girl next door.” She can’t be in bed (both literally and figuratively) with someone like Kanye. So, when Taylor dropped her latest album, she threw several jabs at Kanye. Like – copying the font he used in The Life of Pablo, releasing her album the same day of his mother’s death anniversary and throwing in some lyrics like on “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things.”

Clearly, I’m confused as to where Kim and Kanye were wrong? You made your bed, Taylor, you lay in it, girl. Next time, don’t approve a song you’re not down with and then turn it around as though you’re the victim.

But, what does this have to do with right now, seeing as most of this crap went down last year? Well, it’s pretty simple actually.