Fans Think Taylor Swift Is The Most F*cked Up Person For Her Album Release Date

Taylor Swift announced this week that she’s dropping a brand new album in November after she went on a bit of a “music hiatus” for a while. The album, called Reputation, has already stirred the pot quite a bit on social media by apparently ripping off Kanye West’s album art for The Life of Pablo, and, for her latest single calling out several celeb feuds she’s had – with Kanye West and Katy Perry.

Fans have been talking a lot of sh*t on Twitter about the album, the single and Taylor Swift in general – but, after finding out that Taylor Swift is dropping her album on November 10th, they basically decided one honest truth – Taylor Swift is the devil.


Because November 10th is the day that Kanye West’s mother, Donda West, died. And, even worse, November 10th will be the 10 year anniversary since her death.

Taylor Swift and Kanye West have hated each other, back and forth, since he interrupted her on stage at the VMA Awards all those years ago – and, no matter what, they’ve managed to make their feud go on and on and on.

No matter what happens between two people, some things are just too sacred to use against them. Dropping her album on the 10 year anniversary of Kanye’s mother’s death is just wrong in my eyes. So, so wrong. It’s just another way that Taylor Swift is trying to remain “relevant.” And, no wonder she has such a bad “reputation.”

At least Twitter agrees with me.