Everyone’s Calling Out Nicki Minaj For Throwing Shade At Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift dropped her new single “Look What You Made Me Do” last night and before we knew it – that sh*t went #1 in almost every country worldwide. Now, I’m not a huge Taylor Swift fan, to begin with (her music is just not for me), but I can already tell this album is going to cause a lot of fuss everywhere.

First of all – the song sounds nothing like her at all. Like Twitter has said, it sounds like a ripped off version of a Katy Perry song (which, makes sense, seeing as they’ve been feuding for a while). Second of all, she drags my man Kanye West in the song – so I’m not about it.

Taylor went all “dramatic” by releasing her song the same day Katy Perry released her new music video for “Swish, Swish” that Nicki Minaj is featured in. So – after the song dropped – Nicki Minaj tweeted out a little something and fans think it’s a direct dig at TayTay.

I mean, the song is basically putting all of her “bad reputation” problems onto everyone else besides herself. My mother always said: “your reputation is everything, guard it with your life,” and – if she really gave a f*ck – she wouldn’t be diving into these feuds anyway – amiright?

Twitter has some thoughts.

Now, fans were torn between whether Nicki was calling out Taylor for being a little too salty on her new track – or – if she was announcing that she and Kendrick Lamar were doing a remix to “Be Humble.” I’m going with the first one, only because I can’t get enough of this celebrity tea. *sips*