Taylor Swift Dropped Her Second Single Off “Reputation” & People Hate It

Taylor Swift has been dropping some singles pretty quickly online after she announced her new album “Reputation” would be dropping in November. First, we graced the Internet with “Look What You Made Me Do,” and people had mixed feelings on the song. Some people enjoyed it and enjoyed seeing a new side of Taylor Swift – ready and willing to get revenge on all of those who have wronged her. But, some people were not happy with Swift’s vocals on the track – as it’s much more “electronic” and auto-tuned than Taylor’s usual songs. Long gone are “Teardrops On My Guitar,” as Swift switched her acoustic vocals for some synced, electronic, painful crap (not sorry).

After fans got a taste of her first single, she teased and then dropped a brand new single called “Ready For It?” online this weekend. And – it sounds eerily like “Look What You Made Me Do.” Basically, it’s more electronic, weird, auto-tuned Taylor belting out some weird clap-backs at ex-boyfriends and celeb feuds. I have to be honest – I miss the old Taylor Swift. Her songs used to have deep, underlying meanings about love and heartbreak and real, human emotions that were relatable. Both of these singles sounds pretty much the same – “look at me, I’m back and I’m hot and b*tch, deal with it.” Sure, that’s great TayTay and I’m proud of you for coming back strong – but this isn’t you.

I’m not sure when Taylor switched over from being a country/pop singer to a “hip-hop artist,” because it sounds like the entire first verse, she’s trying to rap. Here – take a listen for yourselves.

I’m not the only one who doesn’t exactly love this new single. In fact, people online are pretty pissed off by both the singles dropped from Reputation.