Kim Kardashian Just Proved She’s Wife Of The Year To Kanye West In The Smartest Way Possible

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may be the most “not PDA, not super lovey-dovey couple” in the public eye, but behind-the-scenes, their relationship is solid. As both celebs have gone through some pretty dark days over the last few years, they’ve stuck by each other’s side and clearly have shown they are each other’s “ride or dies.” Besides having two beautiful children together (and soon to be three), the couple is known for one thing that makes their relationship pretty solid – supporting each other’s dreams and goals. Seriously, Kim and Kanye both have an insane amount of businesses and ventures they do on a daily basis, but they’re always seen supporting each other to the fullest. When Kanye’s album “The Life of Pablo” came out, Kim and her entire family were wearing merch everywhere they went. They frequently went to his concerts with friends and family and, they were always seen listening to his music. Kanye is always on Kim’s family’s TV show and supports her family and their businesses, as well (even if they’re going against his, like Kylie’s brand with Puma).

Talk about supporting your family. Seriously, if they’re out wearing Kanye’s merch, people will want to grab it ASAP. Whether or not you like the Kardashian and Jenner family, they are social influencers and trendsetters in the industry. And, recently, Kim Kardashian low-key just but her man on the map. It was so subtle, many people missed it. But, she basically did her hubby the sweetest gesture ever.