Wendy Williams Just Slammed Kim Kardashian’s Marriage, Calling Her ‘Desperate’

Kim Kardashian has been posting racy selfies and photos of herself for years, so when I log onto social media and see Kim half-dressed (or not dressed at all), I’m not blown away or shocked. She loves her body, she likes to show it off, it is what it is. Recently, Kim Kardashian has been slammed left and right for a photo shoot she did and posted to her Instagram account. The photos feature Kim in cornrow braids, which she called “Bo Derek” braids (apparent mistake 1), and, also featured her topless in a thong (apparent mistake 2).  After the photos went viral online, people began accusing Kim of being an unfit mother, and, accused her of cultural appropriation.


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Hi, can I get zero fucks please, thanks

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Clearly, these photos are pretty out-there for a woman with three children. But, Kim is well-known to do these kinds of shoots, why is anyone surprised at this point? It’s just in her nature to do so. She’s worked hard on her body and wanted to show it off–good for her. At the end of the day, her nude photo shoots shouldn’t affect any of you, especially you, Wendy Williams. The TV show host went on a complete rampage on Tuesday, completely dragging her marriage and roasting her.