Kim Kardashian Had The Entire World Thinking She’s Having Twins After One Simple Tweet

In the most “Kim and Kanye” fashion, Kim Kardashian has the entire Internet freaking the f*ck out over her pregnancy. The world has been up in arms trying to figure out which Kardashian/Jenner sister is having a baby, how many and when are they due. Since the media spotlight loves to take everything anyone says and spin it like a Ferris Wheel, we’re likely to get a bunched of mixed up mumbo jumbo that no one can really figure out. But, when the information comes from the celeb themselves – well, then, we’re on that like a bee on honey – am I right?

Let’s look at Kim Kardashian‘s tweet from earlier this week, shall we?

Now – this obviously means a few things. 1. She’s having a baby but Saint West is also still small enough to be in a stroller so, getting a double stroller would be smart. 2. She’s having twins and if that is the case, OMFG. 3. She wants a double stroller for her baby and either Kylie or Khloé’s baby which also means, OMFG. 4. She just wants to buy a good double stroller.

In any of these situations, obviously 2 or 3 are the ones that matter most because, let’s be real, does Kim Kardashian do anything just to do it? No. Never. Not even once. It does make a bit of sense if she is having twins. According to several sources, twins and triplets are common in surrogacy and IVF treatments because of the number of embryos implanted.

Twitter, of course, jumped on this situation faster than you can imagine and came to the conclusion – the West family is about to be doubling in kids.