Kanye’s Thicc New Dad Bod Is Giving Us Life

As Twitter user @EyFresh pointed out in the wee hours of September 22, “Beyonce is thick Rihanna is thick Kanye is thick… EVERYBODY GETTING THICK” and WE. ARE. HERE. FOR. IT.

Photos of a noticeably thiccer Yeezy first graced the Internet last Friday, and Twitter responded in a solid outpouring of love that was like a breath of fresh air considering its users are usually competing to see who can destroy a person’s mental health the fastest. Ye himself is no stranger to this.

Also reassuring is Mr. West’s facial expressions. It may have been the candidness of the moment, but he looks…content. Dare I even say…happy? Dude is enjoying a little LA sunshine and even the Twitter trolls can’t keep him down.

Because to bring our point full circle here, 2017 is The Year of Thicc. We had postpartum Beyonce, who looks incredible no matter her body type.

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2017 also debuted Thicc Rihanna, which, ditto ?

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And now we have Thicc Ye, looking thiccer and happier than he has in years. One Twitter (rightfully) pointed out how it’s natural to gain weight in a happy relationship, on account of spending less time making eyes at the bar and more time on the couch eating takeout and watching Netflix.

Another mentioned how antidepressants and mood stabilizers are known to cause weight gain.

We’d like to think it’s the other way around. Thiccness = happiness. Don’t @ me.

But in all seriousness – Whatever the reason for Kanye’s weight gain, we hope he’s in a good mental place and a fire album is on the way.