Kim Kardashian Posted Sexy Photos Online And Now People Are Mom-Shaming Her

Kim Kardashian has always been one who showed how much she loves her body all over social media. Even before becoming a mother, the reality TV star posed in scandalous and nude photoshoots that she believes “empowered women to love their own bodies.” Since becoming a mother, she hasn’t stopped–not one bit. In fact, she’s been working on her body now more than ever, alongside her two sisters, Kourtney and Khloé. The three are constantly posting photos and videos of their workouts to their social media profiles and especially, their Snapchat accounts. It’s safe to say that Kim’s body has never truly looked better than it does at this very moment, as a mother of three.

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Recently, Kim posted some scandalous photos to her Instagram and her Snapchat account–nothing new for the social media guru. In fact, it’s almost underwhelming, seeing as we’ve seen so much of the starlet’s body over the years. But, some people were furious and outraged to see the mom flaunting her body on social media at all.