Just 32 Of The Ugliest Outfits Kim Kardashian Has Ever Worn

Kim Kardashian has come a really long way in her life. Back in the early ’00s, Kim was basically Paris Hilton’s friend (slave) and took a backseat to the hotel socialite. Who can forget when Kim was cleaning out Paris’ closet and taking orders from her? My how the times have changed. Paris Hilton is basically #unknown and Kim is racking in millions of dollars by being one of the most famous reality TV stars and social influencers in the world. Talk about glo-up–amirite?

While Kim is mostly seen wearing anything Yeezy or chic, there was a time in her life where she was just coming out into the spotlight and didn’t know how to dress at all. I’m talking morbidly embarrassing red carpet outfits. The girl has some great, great fashion taste now, but back then? Lord help her.