Fans Are Questioning Kim Kardashian’s Parenting After Posting A Topless Photo Taken By Her Daughter

Kim Kardashian is well known for posting provocative and sultry photos online taken by professional photographers, or selfies taken by herself. So, when she poses topless online, we’re not that floored or taken aback by it. Kim loves her body, enjoys showing it off, and has no problem sharing it with the world.

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Rise & Grind

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While she’s constantly breaking the Internet with her nudity, this time, Kim’s “crossed the line” according to some fans. And, they’re not holding back.


Kim Kardashian posted a photo on her Instagram account where she’s seen standing in front of a mirror, taking off her bra. The caption of the photo insinuates that the picture was taken by her daughter, North, who is only 4-years-old.

? by North

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Many fans are outraged that Kim would allow her daughter to be subjected to this kind of behavior. While she does post photos of herself topless on social media frequently, including her daughter in the process seems a bit…weird. Many fans lashed out in the comments saying:

I like you @kimkardashian and many times I’m like leave her alone it’s her own business but this picture taken by your baby daughter and posted on social media it’s too much. Bleh

Others said:

Wow mother and daughter goals!! ….not! Why would you get your child to take photo of you without a top on..what an example we r setting as parents!


You’re doing this for attention but now you’ve crossed the line. Child protective services needs to step in. You didn’t even care when your own son was in ICU…. You kept the party going. You’re a terrible excuse for a parent and Kanye….. Kanye has sunk beyond the sunken place. He is no longer welcomed in the black community because of your antics girrrrrrl! The man has lost his mom,mind and soul! His black card, I need it! You are sick in the head for this.


Wtf? I’m lost… am I the only one that’s creeped out by having your daughter take this? #baffled


Your child shouldn’t be taking pictures of you with no shirt on… also for the world to see. Terrible role model.

Some took to Twitter to express their disgust.