People Are Mom-Shaming Kim Kardashian For Posting A Photo Of Her Kids Bathing Together

Celebrity moms are always taking a beating on social media when they decide to share intimate moments with their family.
This time, parents around the world are judging Kim Kardashian for allowing her two kids to bathe naked together. North West and Saint West, her two eldest children, are seen in this Instagram post bathing together. Kim uploaded the photo captioning it:

“My babies”

My babies ?

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People called out Kim for posting a photo of her extremely young children naked on the Internet, where many child pedophiles can see.


Some commenters even said Kim was “wrong” for letting her two kids bathe together because they are of the opposite sex.

It truly seems like people will find anything to drag celebrity moms nowadays. My mom has dozens of pictures of me and my sisters (and cousins…BOY COUSINS) in the bath together, and she takes them out all the time at family parties and holidays. Sh*t, I’m sure she’s posted some to social media, too, to joke around. These are little kids–no older than 5-years-old–stop sexualizing them and looking for problems where there are none.