Kim Kardashian Says Quarantine Has Killed Any Desire To Have More Kids

After a few weeks of quarantine with her four young children, Kim Kardashian West told The View that any thoughts she had about adding to her brood are absolutely done.

Kim joked, “Being at home with four kids…if I ever thought for a minute that I wanted another one—that is out the door. It’s really tough. Really tough.”

I mean, most parents I know can relate. COVID-19 has shown us just how it really does take a village to help raise children. Now, as we’re stuck at home working while trying to make sure our little ones don’t eat chalk, it’s hard to imagine a past in which we had options and our kids had activities that involved other children.

Kardashian West, whose children are six, four, two, and ten months, also explained that she has a “newfound respect for teachers” after spending the last couple of weeks trying to help her kids with schoolwork as well as manage household chores.

“I’ve been doing laundry and cooking,” she said, “and being their teacher too. I have newfound respect for teachers. They deserve so much. It’s been tough juggling it all—you really have to put yourself on the back burner and just focus on the kids.”

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Kanye, what are you doing while this is going on? Please help your wife.

Kardashian West said it’s not all bad, though. She explained that she’s really enjoying “family bonding” time and has been introducing her kids to some of her favorite childhood movies like Harry and the Hendersons.

On Twitter, Kardashian West offered some tips (in a now-deleted tweet) to those who are reaching the end of their “make quarantine life fun” list: “Practice doing hair & makeup, bake with your children (cookie decorating is the best with my kids!), looking at apps, trying new fun things, board games and spring cleaning.”

I don’t know about doing hair & makeup. Right now my husband and I are having a contest on who can go longer without deodorant, and that’s way more fun than pretending I care about contouring. To each his own!