Chrissy Teigen Tells Kim Kardashian She Knows Her Body Better Than Her Own

It appears that nothing can break Chrissy Teigen and Kim Kardashian West’s friendship. The two have shared plenty of cute moments together, bonding over double dates, motherhood struggles, and family celebrations.

Teigen remembers meeting Kim Kardashian West and being relieved she was “normal.”

Teigen told Cosmopolitan when she met Kardashian West, Kardashian West asked Teigen to zip her up. Teigen saw Kardashian West was wearing Spanx and it made her feel better. “She’s cool, she’s normal,” Teigen remembers thinking to herself.

They tease each other about parenting struggles.

Both Chrissy Teigen and Kim Kardashian West are parents, and tease each other back and forth online.

Kardashian West attended Teigen’s baby shower in 2018, and it looks like they had a blast.

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According to the snapchats, Kardashian West had fun celebrating at Teigen’s baby shower.

Kardashian West sent an over-the-top bouquet after Teigen gave birth to her second child, Miles.

Queen of being extra, Kardashian West celebrated Miles’s birth with a bouquet larger than Teigen’s daughter, Luna.

The two have been friends for the past decade and are still close. So close, in fact, Teigen said on Instagram she knows Kim’s body better than her own.

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“I just mean I could draw your body from memory and I couldn’t do that with mine,” Teigen commented on the post.

Even after nearly 10 years of friendship, Teigen is still roasting Kardashian West on Twitter.

And naturally, Teigen has to roast Kardashian West on Twitter every once in a while.