Kim Kardashian And Chrissy Teigen Just Epically Trolled Kanye West On Twitter

Kanye West, rapper, and father of three, recently logged back onto Twitter and came back for some petty reasons (to call Nike out for “stealing his sneaker design.” But, like his old tweets, West decided to get super deep and motivational for his followers–yay!

If there’s anything better than Kanye West’s music, it’s his tweets.

It sounds like West was pretty stoned and tweeted everything that popped into his head–right? It was the perfect opportunity for Kim Kardashian to troll her husband for his “deep tweets.” Kardashian was “confused” by what West met about “get rid of everything,” seeing as the two are married with three kids. As a joke, she decided to troll him.

Chrissy Teigen–the one and only Twitter Goddess–decided to chime in on the troll session, offering Kim an “air mattress” if she needed to leave while West “got rid of everything.”

Kim replied that she would need much more room for her three kids, and joked that she wasn’t sure what West meant. She also asked Teigen if John can call and ask West what he meant–but, maybe West meant he should get rid of all his friends, too. 

So, Teigen admitted they were all screwed, and Kim could live in a bouncy house she still has in her backyard from her daughter, Luna’s birthday party.

Clearly, this is the ultimate way to troll your husbands ridiculous Twitter rants. It shows just how funny Kim Kardashian can be sometimes, and with the help of Teigen, we knew it would be epic.

People on Twitter were loving this back-and-forth.