Cardi B Shares Video Revealing How Much She Sucks Her Stomach In For Thirst Traps

Cardi B is not interested in pretending she has a washboard stomach. The candid rapper posted a video and photo of herself to Instagram, showing us how she abides by the “suck it in” rule whenever she is being photographed. It’s honestly very refreshing.

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I suck the shit out my stomach for this

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Posing on a lounge chair partially submerged in a pool, Cardi B poses with her leg up and her elbow resting on chair.

“I suck the s*** out of my stomach for this,” she wrote as the caption.

But Cardi B was not finished with her revelations. While other celebrities on Instagram pose for their fans and never mention the magic that happens to create a perfect shot, Cardi B then shot a video to show how “sucking it in” creates the illusion of perfection. But what’s so fun about Cardi B is how she mocks that illusion by puffing out her stomach as she walks off camera.

Fans were delighted with her candid catwalk and commented on how much they appreciated her honesty and dedication to keeping it real on social media: “That’s how it be tho!”