Kim Kardashian Posed Naked In A Tree & Obviously People Were Annoyed

Kim Kardashian loves to pose naked – more power to you, girl. The marketing mogul and mother of two (soon to be three) has opened up multiple times in the mainstream media about body positivity and embracing her body to portray a positive message to girls – love yourself. But, of course, people have clapped-back at that saying that someone who has undergone as much plastic surgery as she has cannot really paint the picture that she “loves herself.” The debate is never ending.

Recently, Kim posted a photo of herself posing naked in a tree – you know, just her average Thursday night. But, the picture is actually from a book that was “20 years in the making” and, is actually part of an “art collection.” If Kim Kardashian’s naked body is what we in the 21st-century call “art,” I’m sure Michaelangelo is crying in his grave.

Of course, people were not happy that Kim has decided to use this very trying time in American society to post photos of herself. You know, with several hurricanes approaching, young immigrants’ lives at stake and just about everything else that’s headed our way – you’d think she’d have some class. Maybe – just maybe. But, of course, what can you expect from Kim? She’s just “doing her.”

Clearly, Kim got the message that right now is not the best time to be Tweeting out nude photos because she ended up deleting the photo from her timeline. But, don’t worry guys – the Internet is full of puns because everyone turned Kim into a new meme.