People Think Kim Kardashian Went To Katy Perry’s Concert Just To Spite Taylor Swift

Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift have had some pretty severe drama in the spotlight as of – well, forever. The two have some pretty heavy beef because of Kim’s husband, Kanye West. We all know Taylor and Kanye absolutely hate each other ever since Kanye interrupted her at the VMA’s so many years ago. From there, they “made up” – kind of – but, all things fell straight to sh*t when Kanye decided to use Taylor Swift’s name in a song that we all know and love: “Famous.” Kanye basically said Taylor ain’t sh*t and she wouldn’t be famous without him – oh, also, that they might still have sex. Obviously, sweet lil’ Tay Tay wasn’t too happy about it and tried to play the victim, making Kanye seem like a monster. But, Kim K had her hubby’s back and shared a video of Kanye on the phone with Taylor before the album and song dropped – asking her permission. Taylor was all for it back then, but, what happened Swifty? Feeling ashamed now?

Besides Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift has had some drama with pop singer Katy Perry, too. The two were BFF back in 2008. But, the two feuded over – back up dancers and an ex-boyfriend. Basically, Taylor Swift dated John Meyer before Katy Perry did – and you know how Taylor is about her guys, she never gets over that crap. So, when Katy Perry began dating him a few years later, well, there goes that friendship. Apparently, Swift things Perry tried to “sabotage” her tour by hiring dancers that were already signed onto Swift’s tour. But, the dancers have come out in several interviews and admitted they had toured with Perry before and when they were asked to sign back on with her, they were excited. And, they weren’t really dancing on Swift’s tour anyway. Then came the songs and the jabs and the “Bad Blood.” Fast forward to now, the two dislike each other strongly. So, add that to the list of Taylor Swift feuds – along with everyone else in the industry.

So, when Kim Kardashian decided to take her daughter, Saint West, to Katy Perry’s concert over the weekend, people were thinking that everything was pretty suspect.