Katy Perry Threw Shade At Taylor Swift On ‘American Idol’ And Twitter Is Here For The Pettiness

If you follow celebrities and pop culture, you’d know that for years Taylor Swift and Katy Perry have had some drama. While the shade has been so, so real, over the years the two have claimed they “patched things up.” Right ladies, right. Essentially, the entire problem started when Katy Perry apparently “stole” backup dancers from Taylor Swift’s tour. What had really happened was the dancers signed on with Swift, although they had previously worked with Perry. They decided they would rather go back on tour with Perry and her crew instead, which makes sense if they already know the moves/everyone involved.

Essentially, Swift said she wrote “Bad Blood” in a 2014 interview about a “certain female musician who tried to sabotage her tour when hiring her own dancers.” Way to be pretty obvious, TayTay. From there, their feud went on and on for years with subtweets, awkward “dancing around names” in interviews, and even dropping albums/videos on the same days (come on ladies, be better).

This year, Katy Perry happens to be a judge on American Idol and, when she was speaking with one contestant, Taylor Swift got brought up in conversation. The contestant was asked who he looks up to as an artist and his response was:

“Sorry for this Katy…Taylor Swift.”


Obviously, people know about the feud pretty damn well. Katy told the contestant he doesn’t have to be sorry, because I mean, she’s on national TV.


He proceeded to say how much he loves Taylor Swift.


And, Katy responded that she loves Taylor Swift to…as a songwriter.


That’s a pretty savage pause and quite petty for Katy to say on national TV. Obviously, she knew what she was doing. You love her as a songwriter…but, not as a person. Girl, there’s not enough tea in the world for this right here. We see you, you are not low, and Twitter absolutely loves it.



Written by Lex Gabrielle

A writer and teacher from New York City who fully supports messy buns and 3+ cups of coffee a day.