Nicki Minaj Pulled Out Of A Joint BET Show After The Network Shaded Her For Cardi B’s Grammy Win

Recently, female rapper Cardi B won her very first Grammy Award for “Best Rap Album.” It was the first time a solo woman won the “Best Rap Album” award in Grammy’s history. All across the web, people were congratulating the Bronx-native for her accomplishment—including entertainment network BET. However, the way in which they congratulated Cardi threw a bunch of shade at fellow female rapper, Nicki Minaj.

BET tweeted an article reporting Cardi’s win with a header saying:

“Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj is being dragged by her lacefront.”

Ironically, Nicki Minaj and label Young Money—which includes Lil’ Wayne—were booked to headline a joint concert weekend with Cardi B and friends, called The BET Experience. Minaj had already decided to announce on Twitter the reason behind her Grammy’s snub was because she—like friend Ariana Grande—was “bullied” by the show’s producer—Ken.

However, after seeing that BET had the balls to shade her publicly, she decided to speak to Wayne and Young Money—which, led the squad to completely pull out of the show entirely. Ouch.

She reported to fans and followers online saying:

Following this, she began to repost fan tweets and reactions to how badly BET f*cked up and how wrong they were for shading Minaj online like that—especially when she was making them money by headlining an entire show.

BET then came back and issued an apology to Nicki, her fans, and all of their readers, claiming that the post should never have been written in the first place.

And, while the company tried to take the high road and apologize, there has been no word whether or not Nicki will reinstate her appearance at The BET Experience. Knowing Minaj, she has no time for bad blood and people who don’t appreciate her work and talent. Like her girl Ari says—Thank U, Next.