Taylor Swift Completely Called Out Kim Kardashian During Her Concert For Being A ‘Bully’

Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian have a lot of bad blood between them. It all started with Kim’s husband, Kanye West, of course.

If you do Keep Up with the Kardashians (haha) you’d know that Taylor Swift and the family have some drama due to Kanye West and his last album, “The Life of Pablo.” Obviously, the drama goes way back to West’s interruption of Swift during the VMA’s–but, they had squashed that eventually and were doing just fine.

It all came back to life when Ye decided to say he and Taylor Swift may still sleep together and that he made her famous on his song “Famous,” off of “The Life of Pablo.” Taylor Swift, being who she is (always playing the victim, tisk tisk), played it off as though Kanye had never asked her permission to be mentioned in the song–nor was she okay with it.

Kim, of course, would let no one drag her man like that, and she decided to release evidence of a phone conversation between Kanye and Taylor where he ran the idea by her, asked her permission, and she was excited/on board for it. Boom–Kardashians-1, Taylor-0.

After the incident, fans swarmed Taylor’s social media profiles calling her a snake, after Kim Kardashian claimed she was being one.


TayTay remained pretty silent on the entire drama for over a year–until she dropped her latest album “Reputation,” which has quite a few songs that seem to subliminally throw shots at Kim and Kanye–like “Look What You Made Me Do.”

On May 8th, Swift kicked off her “Reputation Tour,” and decided to speak out about the incident for the first time with her fans. Her statement was pretty subliminal–not calling Kim and Kanye out directly–but, obviously calling them bullies and throwing them both under the bus.

She said:

A couple of years ago, someone called me a snake on social media and it caught on. And then a lot of people called me a lot of names on social media. I went through some really low times for a while because of it. I went through some times when I didn’t know if I was going to get to do this anymore.

Obviously, that was Kimmy–who said on Twitter at the time

She continued to say:

I wanted to send a message to you guys that if someone uses name-calling to bully you on social media, and even if a lot of people jump on board with it, that doesn’t have to beat you. It can strengthen you instead. I learned a really important lesson and that has to do with how much you value your reputation. And I think the lesson is that you shouldn’t care so much if you feel misunderstood by a lot of people who don’t know you, as long as you feel understood by the people who do know you.

Here’s the full video.


While her message is great for fans–showing them that bullying is never okay and we shouldn’t allow it to defeat us–she should also include that she doesn’t condone lying and her fans should learn from his mistakes–just saying.