Taylor Swift Fans Are Trolling The Sh*t Out Of Kim Kardashian And It’s Petty As Hell

Yesterday, Kim Kardashian posted this photo of herself at Kanye’s “Famous” exhibit last year. While it’s just an innocent throwback supporting her husband, some people think it’s a jab at Swift. Clearly, you can see Swift laying there next to Kanye, so fans immediately got on Kim’s case.


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Taylor Swift fans began commenting on Kim’s Instagram post with rat emojis. And, I’m not talking a few fans, I’m talking like, hundreds. And, they even started commenting with Taylor Swift lyrics, pledging their undying love and support to Tay Tay.

And then, Swift fans went to Kim’s other photos to leave their mark as well.

Clearly, not a good look for Swift fans. In case you were wondering why they used a rat – last year, after the news broke of the Tay Tay vs. Kimmy drama, everyone was calling Taylor and Kim a snake, and the snake emoji was spread like wildfire across both their social media pages. So much so, that Kim made sure to block the use of the snake emoji on her Instagram at all. So, basically, y’all can’t call her a snake anymore. Instead, these Swifties decided to call her a “rat” instead. I wonder how long it’ll be until Kim blocks the rat emoji now. Either way, it’s a bit pathetic to spend your life commenting endless emojis on a celeb’s Instagram page when they probably don’t give a flying f*ck about you. There are much better ways to spend your time. Like, going to volunteer at an animal shelter, binge-watching The Office for the 44th time or clipping your own toenails. Clearly, all a much better use of your time.