23 Adorable Gifts For Anyone Who’s Obsessed With Donuts

I love donuts – point blank. I grew up in a town where there was a Dunkin’ Donuts on literally every single block and there was no better time than when my parents would let me get a donut when they stopped for a coffee in the morning on the way to school. Fast forward to being an adult that runs on 99.9% coffee and only .1% water – you bet your ass I get a donut when I go out and get myself a coffee. And, don’t get me started on those donuts you can get at those made-fresh, gourmet spots – drooling. I know I’m not the only one who loves her a good, glazed donut. So, why not get your BFF who loves them, bad boys, some cute, delicious gifts?

1. These donut sneakers:

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2. This donut necklace:

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3. This donut-shaped coffee mug (to dip your donuts in, obviously):

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4. This donut mess with me mug: 

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5. This all I want hoodie: 

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