McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce Is Coming Back Because Fans Actually Protested For It

They got lost in the (Szechuan) sauce.

If there’s one thing companies should know by now is that you don’t mess with fandoms. They can try to do something different for fans of a series or celebrity, but it’s impossible to please everyone. At least, that’s what McDonald’s learned from Rick and Morty fans over the weekend.

The show that’s popped up everywhere cultivated enough power to get McDonald’s to bring back “Szechuan sauce” after its initial release nearly 20-years-ago. As any fan will tell you, Rick loves the sauce that sold in 1998 as a promo for Disney’s Mulan release. Well, some McDonald’s locations brought it back for one day and fans went insane.

Literally, insane when they found out their location didn’t have this coveted sauce anymore.


It’s safe to say McDonald’s wasn’t exactly prepared for the reaction or with enough sauce.