Sonic’s New ‘Pickle Juice Slushes’ Have The Internet Divided

If you’ve never been to a Sonic Drive-In, consider yourself deprived and missing out on some of the greatest things in life. While there are not many Sonic’s up here in New York City, I fell in love with the fast-food chain when I briefly lived down south in the wonderful state of Texas. Two words: Corn Dogs. Not only did I hit up Sonic twice a week (I gained a few pounds that year), I also fell in love with their slush beverages. From Cherry Limeade to their “specialty flavors,” I always find myself with a sick craving for this American classic. Recently, the chain announced they would be spicing up their menu once again and bringing Sonic goers a new, interesting flavor on their slushie menu–all about pickles.

Sonic announced that starting in June, people can order a “Pickle Juice Cone Slush,” which is neon green in color and apparently, doesn’t taste as sour as you’d expect. In fact, according to Maria Yadoga of Food and Wine, it’s much sweeter than you’d anticipate. As an avid pickle lover, this is something I would most definitely be into trying–and, probably love. But, there are those who just aren’t into pickles at all and the thought of drinking them–let alone eating them–makes them want to gag (sorry Sean). Some folks on Twitter are hyped beyond belief about this new invention…

Others are anti-pickle slush 2k18.