People Reveal The Real Secret To Getting Restaurant Quality Eggs

We all have wondered why scrambled eggs taste better at restaurants and diners compared to when they are made at home. If you haven’t wondered why you’re home scrambled eggs aren’t fluffy and lively like the ones you’ve eaten out, you’re lying. Who really wants to go out every single day for breakfast and buy a meal you can easily make at home for less than $5? Not I, I’m broke.  What is it that makes eggs at restaurants taste so much better than the ones made at home?  Quora users share their secret on what it takes to get restaurant quality eggs.

It’s pretty simple I guess.

“That time you ate orgasmic eggs in a restaurant? The secret was fat. Most likely butter.”

It’s all about the fresh eggs.

“FRESH eggs from vegetarian fed chickens. Ideally from a local producer who gives the chickens lots of vegetable scraps.For scrambled they add 1 TbSp of heavy cream, or half and half, per egg before they beat them.”

The process is important too.

“Two words… Timing and Butter! Eggs are a protein and they change their state quickly over heat from liquid to solid. During this process you want to “boost” then arrest the process and the real trick is to have all your ingredients in front of you so time doesn’t steal your moisture.”