20 Adult Jokes In Children’s Cartoons That Probably Went Right Over Your Head

One thing I truly appreciate about folks who make shows for children is they know us adults have to sit through them too. Without those little nuggets of humor just for us most cartoons are pretty unbearable. This isn’t a recent trend. Most of the movies and cartoons you grew up watching did the same thing, but seeing as you were a kid you missed it. Don’t you worry, here are some of those “adult” jokes.


1. It was no “accident” you missed this joke about unwanted pregnancy.


Source: baconwrappedmedia.com


2. Some of you might be old enough now to remember analog porn.


Source: Tiny Toons Wiki


3. You know what they say about big castles… Well, now you do.


Source: Pinterest


4. You might have been a little premature for this joke.


Source: Bored Panda


5. What makes Phil a Phil and Lil a Lil.


Source: Slightly Warped