This Grandma Reached A New Level Of Petty After Not Receiving A Birthday Call From Her Grandson

There are a few huge events in life you simply can not miss. Near the top of that list is wishing your loved ones a happy birthday. Two people most importantly would be your grandmother and your mother. I think grandmas are a little more important just because they’ve been around longer and because grandmas are the BEST. The thing is with elderly people is that they wake up at like 4:30 a.m. they’re not wasting daylight! This means on their birthday you set your alarm clock a few hours earlier. If you’re a veteran in this game you’ll send the Happy Birthday text the night before. You know, after they eat dinner and go to bed so around 7:30. This way Grandma wakes up to a text from her favorite grandchild. Too bad our friend @dae_gore seems to be a rookie in the Birthday game.

This text message came in at 7:03 a.m. that means Grandma has been up for over 2 hours waiting for a text. That’s why the night before text message is such a crucial thing, you never want to leave Grandma waiting. Now Dae woke up and like any of us immediately reached out to his grandmother to wish her the happiest birthday possible. Grandma isn’t new, she wasn’t playing around with Dae. He wasn’t going to get off the hook that easily.