This Grandma Reached A New Level Of Petty After Not Receiving A Birthday Call From Her Grandson

Fast forward 12 hours later and it’s obvious Grandma is an absolute pro. She’s playing the long game and she’s playing it perfectly. If she just answered right off the bat Dae would probably hit her with the generic happy birthday I love you blah blah blah. Since she decided to ignore him for over 12 hours she now has him right where she wants him. She even started to pretend that she didn’t know who it was when she was speaking with him. Bravo Grandma, Bravo.

Grandma knew what she was doing. She’s so wise and experienced because she just took a run of the mill happy birthday and turned it into a full-blown dinner. Everyone needs to take notes from this grandma. She played her grandson like a fiddle and all it took was a little bit of space and ignoring him. I can take a lot of these lessons and apply them to many different aspects of my life. Dae, I don’t know your grandmother but from what I read she is one hell of a woman! The rest of Twitter seemed to agree.