‘Plant-Sitting’ Mom Drops Not-So-Subtle Hints About Wanting Grandkids

Taking care of plants is a big responsibility. You have to water them, make sure they get enough light, let them play with other plants, read them a story at night, wait a minute I’m thinking of the wrong thing. That’s kids. Plants are actually hella easy.

One woman recently asked her mom to do her a favor and open the blinds for her plants. And her mother, lovely woman that she is, jumped at the chance to be what she called a “grandplantrent.”

The plant-mom, Regan Speyer, posted on Twitter the pictures her mother sent her, which were hilarious. She sent pictures of the plants outside meeting other plants.

She let them watch a little TV, but we feel sure she didn’t let them get too much screen time. They had a busy, active day. Out in the stroller…

…And having a book read to them. And a Band-Aid for an owie. The woman was made for this job. These plants have never had it better.

They even went to the playground where they got to go down the slide.

And if you thought she didn’t actually let them go down the slide, you are sorely mistaken, because she absolutely filmed it.

People thought the whole thing was super funny, and the tweet blew up, having gotten almost 110,000 retweets at the time of this writing.

But a lot of people thought there was more to this, and that maybe this was mom’s super subtle way about asking when she was gonna get some grandkids.

Someone posted a picture of what it looked like when her dad plant-sat for her.

But a few others weren’t so lucky. If this is any indication of how their parents would be around grandchildren, yikes.

And others started to think their plants deserved the same royal treatment.

If this mom wants to become a grandmom, let’s hope she gets her wishes soon. Maybe, though, she just really loves plants! Either way, she nailed it on the plant-sitting. Grandplantrent of the year for sure.

h/t: Twitter: @ReganSpeyer, Bored Panda