Woman Dumps Her Husband After Seeing The View From Her Bedroom Window On Some Chick’s Instagram

Finding out your SO is cheating on you is never a pleasant experience, and is even less so if you find out by your sleuth self rather than being told the truth. One dentist found this out in the most heartbreaking and gross way possible when she stumbled on a stranger’s Instagram.

Yulia Agranovych saw a photograph posted by a woman named Vlada Abramovich captioned “City Lights.” It wasn’t the beautiful view of St. Petersburg, resplendent with city lights and the stalwart Neva River. It was the fact that this view seemed very, very familiar. So familiar, that it was the literal same view she saw every night from her bedroom window.

On further investigation, Yulia discovered the woman who’d posted the snap had not only been in Yulia’s bedroom— she’d been all over her apartment. Lounging. Everywhere. “I wasn’t searching for anything,” said Yulia in an interview on the Russian news channel Ren-TV. “It was a normal morning.”

Further scrolling revealed photographs of Yulia’s husband Nazar Grynko as well as a sexy selfie taken by Abramovich, WITH THE CAPTION “Beautiful view from my husband’s bedroom.” Imagine seeing a picture of your husband’s mistress, in your apartment, claiming your husband was her husband. My heart bleeds for Yulia.

“Like any other person in the 21st century. I began my day browsing through my Instagram timeline, and suddenly I saw this very photograph,” she said.