This Grandma Accidentally Bought Her 6-Year-Old Grandkid A Crazy Obscene Book

Below is a picture of Tiffany and her family. Her oldest daughter, Emmersyn is six years old and already an “avid reader,” according to BuzzFeed News.

Being an avid reader means getting you a gift is super easy. A few weeks ago, Emmersyn’s grandma picked up a book for her in Barnes & Noble (those are still around?!) titled “If Animals Could Talk.”

Can you blame her? The book looks adorable and most definitely child-friendly. Despite being an avid reader myself, I too literally judge books by their cover. This one features a bear, a blowfish, and an alligator and unbeknownst to Tiffany’s mom is actually one of those children’s books for adults, like Nobody Likes A Cockblock, You Have To F*cking Eat, and Go the F*ck To Sleep.

Said Tiffany to Mashable via DM (What a world!):

“So my daughter picked this book out for her nightly reading. My mom had gotten it for her a couple weeks ago actually, but she hadn’t cracked it. So I was cleaning the kitchen and she sat down with my husband, Cody, to read it. So he brings it over to me and shows me the page with the chick on it. I immediately called my mom and asked her if she had looked in the book and she said ‘no why?’ So I started reading her a bunch of pages and she was like ‘Oh my God! I got that off the kids table at Barnes & Noble!'”

When Tiffany tweeted about it, her little tale instantly blew up (What a world!).

She shared a couple other images from the book:

Needless to say, Twitter loved it. Here are some of the best reactions:

The viral tweet even caught the author of the book’s attention:

Lesson learned!